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Today the construction industry offers an ever-widening variety of solutions in building materials. These solutions open up new opportunities for any design engineers or architects may create to satisfy the needs of their clients, both individuals and companies.

However, in such a wide and diversified industry, it may be difficult to find the best technical solution or the most suitable material. Because way beyond the aesthetic and functional criteria any project demands, more than ever before suppliers and clients are aware of the need to approach all projects with a strict environmental protection perspective.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing materials for restoration or new construction, it is essential to have access to sound professional advice with a thorough knowledge of all options available in the market, including the newest and most innovative.

Equally important is being able to rely in the efficient and close customer service approach which only a long experience in the industry can guarantee.

Paneles y Revestimientos

We are a commercial company specializing in the distribution and installation of innovative products for the building industry. Committed to sustainability and environmental protection, we like to describe ourselves as a company with current concerns and a forward-looking approach.

We offer services and solutions with non-traditional materials such as EVERTILE lightweight metal roofing tiles, VERTIGE green roofs and green walls and A-CLOUD acoustic clouds.

Although at present our activity is focused in the marketing and distribution of non- traditional materials, twenty years of partnering building projects of all sizes vouch for our experience in the industry.

We offer a comprehensive quality service in the sale and installation of our products, as well as expert advice and support in project development.

As a company, we believe we all have the right to live in a more sustainable world; a world which can be more functional but also more beautiful. That’s the world we want to helpcreate.

That’s the guiding principle of our operating approach. Every day. With each client. With each project. And the next could be yours!

For more information, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help you.

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