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The real solution against noise


The fitting for the installation of the A-Cloud® is designed for all types of ceilings. For conventional ceilings the decorative connectors are plug-mounted to the ceiling and immediately connected with the cloud. For ceilings consisting of a metallic structure or equipped with cable trays, a kit of strong adherence magnets is provided. For rail mounted ceilings, a twist system fits perfectly in the space between the ceiling floor and the rail and allows to adjust the proper height at which the cloud should be suspended.

A-Cloud is made of acoustic polyester down originating from a recycling stream and environmentally neutral (FCBA tests). The Volatile Organic Compounds testing performed on the material show a total absence of formaldehyde. Classification according to EU Fireproof tests carried out on the material are: B,s2,d0 (equivalent M1). This specific acoustic polyester down also has the property to transmit light and therefore, also data.




A-Cloud small (Stratus)
Small version of 1 m long designed for small rooms, co-working spaces, corridors and entrance halls.

A-Cloud medium (Altus)
Medium version of 1.5 m long designed for rooms of 10 to 15 m².

A-Cloud large (Cumulus)
Large version to equip rooms up to 25 m².


Available models


A-CLOUD Classic – anti-noise barrier – ultra-lightweight

A-Cloud Classic is available in three sizes and can be installed as a standalone cloud or mixed together in a “sky of clouds” according to the site and the volume of the room to soundproof. Thanks to its lightweight feature, A-Cloud can be installed in any configuration desired.

Available in the three cloud sizes.


A-CLOUD Light – anti-noise barrier, lightweight and bright light

With A-Cloud Light the acoustic cloud becomes bright and takes on delicate colors. You can select from a wide chromatic range: three shades of white and a variety of colors as rich as the rainbow. The remote control supplied with each cloud allows you to select the exact color of your choice and change the shades according to your taste just by turning the chromatic wheel. Your clouds light up dark rooms and adjust to the atmosphere or the decoration of the site.

Available in the three cloud sizes.


A-CLOUD Business–anti-noise barrier, bright light and “Zen effect”

A-CLOUD Business offers you a unique sensorial experience subject to your own personal control. With its presence sensor, A-Cloud Business lights up your workspace upon your arrival. Comfortably settled under your cloud, you are protected from external noise pollution and you can focus on your job. An important call? A task to complete before leaving? A single click and your cloud turns its light to the “unavailable” mode and communicates clearly that you can’t be disturbed for the moment.

Available sizes: medium (Altus) and large (Cumulus).


A-CLOUD Connect – anti-noise barrier – bright light and interactive

The A-Cloud Connect range has been designed to provide a solution to the typical recurring difficulties experienced in call centers and similar work spaces. Whenever discussions become intense, the phone operators may easily get annoyed at each other and the customer experience during the call could be irremediably damaged. The client contacted starts hearing the conversations of nearby phone operators and feels unappreciated or receiving a low quality service.

Available sizes: medium (Altus) and large (Cumulus)


Examples of spaces with A-CLOUD acoustic clouds


Call centers, customer service and similar office spaces.

The embedded sound level meter inside the cloud triggers a change in the color of the cloud or a light flashing mode, to alert operators that a pre-set acceptable sound level has been exceeded and, consequently, the quality of the conversations will suffer. This smart feature helps the phone operators to monitor their voice levels, and by controlling smoothly their behavior they are able to provide excellent customer service.

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Offices and meeting rooms.

Working dynamics at today’s offices generates a level of noise which, as the hours pass, causes fatigue and affects staff productivity. On the other hand, at meeting rooms where presentations are made, debates go on for hours and important decisions are taken, it is essential to create a relaxed atmosphere. In both situations, the installation of A-Cloud, non-intrusive and aesthetic noise reduction system, controls acoustic pollution and helps create the quiet atmosphere ideal to encourage productive dialogue.

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Restaurants and shops.

In restaurants and cafeterias, the animated discussions, the cutlery clashing, the coming and going of waiters are fertile ground to create a dissuasive noise pollution for customers and an unhealthy environment for workers. Something similar happens in shops and shopping centers, where non-stop traffic of people and normal commercial activity inevitably generate noise levels which are uncomfortable for both workers and clients.

A-Cloud has developed a highly aesthetic and modular solution to solve these noise pollution issues. Mounted to the ceiling, our clouds perfectly match the room decoration and do not disturb the layout of restaurants or shops.

panel acustico restaurante


Educational centers: Schools, nurseries, etc.

Tiredness, irritation, cries… in a day nursery space is often limited, and a child doesn’t recover well even during the resting periods. Many children complain about noise pollution at school, and the effort made by teachers to maintain a quiet atmosphere also contributes to the overall exhaustion, turning the ambient noise level even more unbearable.

The A-Cloud sound proofing system installed in a day care center or in a school will relieve the acoustic stress imposed on the children. With its soft and rounded shape the cloud provides the double benefits of blocking noise and contributing to a lighter environment, helping to recover during sleep and to foster the harmonious development of the child’s imagination. Comforting and efficient, the A-Cloud can incorporate a sound level meter, signaling by a change of color when the ambient sound level is exceeding a pre-set and programmed threshold.

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